Welcome to Marlee-May Farm

We attend Farmers Markets at
Kelvin Grove Saturday and Noosa Sunday monthly 
Dates for 2017 -  1st and 2nd April (then we are having a break due to Pele’s shoulder surgery)

Free Range Farming is our only method


Wessex saddle back pigs, Saanen dairy goats, Indian runner ducks, and Aylesbury ducks are the traditional breeds of livestock we raise at Marlee-May Farm.  Our primary concern is the welfare of our animals and they are kept in a natural environment with freedom to exhibit natural behaviours and we farm without the use of pesticides and herbicides and antibiotics.  Being a small farm we can create a uniquely free range environment for all the animals and therefore the animals are happier and healthier and our products are the best they can be.

We are not certified with any organisation but we offer transparency in our operations and invite existing or potential customers to come to our farm and see for themselves what we are about.

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